The UNSGSA works in partnership and with wide consultation among many stakeholders advancing financial inclusion—and those affected by it.

The Special Advocate collaborates closely with an advisory Reference Group of leading international organizations in financial inclusion to share expertise and suggest strategic opportunities she can advance through advocacy and partnerships.

Members of the Reference Group and many other partners play an important role in converting advocacy into action. The UNSGSA also consults widely with UN country teams, standard-setting bodies, financial institutions, companies, donors, civil society organizations and UN member states in the Group of Friends of Financial Inclusion. The Office of the UNSGSA works closely with the UNSGSA and her secretariat in the Netherlands to coordinate and advance her UN and G20 activities. The Office is housed at UNDP at the Bureau of External Relations and Advocacy in New York. It is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Additionally, the Special Advocate collaborates with stakeholders in the private sector, as well. Since the UNSGSA convened the CEO Partnership for Economic Inclusion (CEOP) at the World Economic Forum in January 2018, this group of private sector leaders has pioneered a variety of collaborative, cross-industry initiatives to boost financial inclusion and tap new markets. 

Reference Group

CEO Partnership for Economic Inclusion