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Financial Inclusion: An Essential Part of the Response to Climate Change

The Special Advocate addressed a climate adaptation conference on the vital role of financial inclusion in addressing the impact of climate change.
Photos Speech to Adaptation Futures 2016 conference Adaptation to climate change is essential for development. And development is essential for creating new economic opportunities… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/fina/

The Role of Insurance in Financial Inclusion

The Special Advocate spoke about the role of insurance in extending financial inclusion in a video interview for the IAIS annual meeting, October 2014.
In a video interview for the International Association of Insurance Supervisors conference, held in Amsterdam 23 October, 2014, the Special Advocate discusses the vital role that … https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/news/iais-interview-special-advocate/

Address at Unilever's "Post-2015 A New Global Partnership” Dinner

If we truly want universality and sustainability, we have to scale up our efforts. And for that we need both the public and private sector. Queen Máxima, UNSGSA Related content … https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/address-post-2015-new-global-partnership-dinner/

Insurance improves health, reduces costs, and alleviates poverty

Government insurance programs, innovative financial products, and basic savings accounts can all help poor people absorb the health-related shocks that are a leading cause of poverty.
Every year, 100 million people around the world fall into poverty due to medical costs. Insurance is playing an increasing role in helping poor households avoid this tragic outcom… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/impact-stories/insurance-improves-health-reduces-costs-and-alleviates-pover/

The key to successful microinsurance for the poor

Poor people have few alternatives to manage financial shocks; events like funerals can result in crippling long-term debt. Microinsurance can help manage exposure to risk, protect against long-term debt, and build resilience.
While microinsurance has great potential to meet the financial needs of low-income clients, its spread has been constrained by high administrative costs relative to transaction va… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/impact-stories/scale-key-success-and-sustainability-microinsurance-poor/

UNSGSA Speech to the 8th International Microinsurance Conference

Good afternoon Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am so pleased that technology is permitting me to join you. I had the honor of visiting Tanzania two years ago. Tanzania’s eff… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/unsgsa-speech-8th-international-microinsurance-conference/

Serving client needs with digital solutions in financial inclusion

SparkOptimus Event “The Digital Age, A Golden Age for Citizens Worldwide?" The opportunity of digital is what more can be achieved through product design, marketing and delivery,… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/serving-client-needs-digital-solutions-financial-inclusion/

Access to Health Insurance Conference

When poor people get sick, they commonly sell productive assets, pull children out of school or take expensive loans in order to get the care they need. Or they just simply do with… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/access-health-insurance-conference/

Twente Research Conference on Micro-Insurance

Photos Only when we understand demand will we design products that have the right features, the right prices and the proper delivery mechanisms. And when products are valued by cli… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/twente-research-conference-micro-insurance/

UNSGSA discussed financial inclusion opportunities with Tanzania’s leaders

The UNSGSA met with Central Bank Governor, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, and industry figures, among others. She launched a micro-health insurance initiative, led a mu… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/country-visits/unsgsa-discussed-financial-inclusion-opportunities-tanzanias/