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Remarks at the Launch of the OECD PISA financial literacy assessment of students

Mr. Gurría, Sr. Gonzalez, Execellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen, I am delighted to join you today. I have been looking forward to this for a long time. Mr. Gurría stated the work… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/remarks-launch-oecd-pisa-financial-literacy-assessment-stude/

Acceptance Speech at the German Media Award

So financial inclusion creates jobs, speeds up economic growth and empowers people, especially women, to improve their quality of life. Queen Máxima, UNSGSA Mrs Schadt, Mr Kögel,… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/acceptance-speech-german-media-award/

A new national framework for financial inclusion will help Tanzania achieve its goals

In her keynote address at the Launch of the National Financial Inclusion Framework the UNSGSA noted the rapid progress in Tanzania since her last visit in 2010, and congratulated … https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/country-visits/new-national-framework-financial-inclusion-will-help-tanzani/

Tanzania launches national financial inclusion framework

Tanzania launches national financial inclusion framework At a special launch event in Dar es Salaam, the UNSGSA congratulated President Jakaya Mrisho Kikwete, Vice-President Moham… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/news/398/

A Better Life for Every Tanzanian: Accelerating Development and Growth through Financial Inclusion

A Better Life for Every Tanzanian: Accelerating Development and Growth through Financial Inclusion Keynote Speech at the Launch of Tanzania’s National Financial Inclusion Framework… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/390/

United Nations Special Event for MDGs

Good afternoon, Co-Chairs. Thank you for this opportunity to contribute to the discussions on priorities for the post-2015 agenda. As the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advoc… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/united-nations-special-event-mdgs/

Opening Remarks at the 2nd United Nations Inter-Agency Meeting on Inclusive Finance

Thank you, Mrs. Clark.  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.  I am really so encouraged to see all these leaders of UN agencies gathered around this table.  It is a powerful te… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/opening-remarks-2nd-united-nations-inter-agency-meeting-incl/

Financial products to improve agricultural outcomes and food security

Weather-indexed crop insurance, specialized savings accounts, and warehouse receipt programs are among the products that meet smallholder farmers’ specific financial needs.
Smallholder farmers sometimes have trouble getting loans, as they are judged by lenders to be too risky. Pilot projects in Africa suggest that weather index-based crop insurance no… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/impact-stories/financial-products-improve-agricultural-outcomes-and-food-se/

The key to successful microinsurance for the poor

Poor people have few alternatives to manage financial shocks; events like funerals can result in crippling long-term debt. Microinsurance can help manage exposure to risk, protect against long-term debt, and build resilience.
While microinsurance has great potential to meet the financial needs of low-income clients, its spread has been constrained by high administrative costs relative to transaction va… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/impact-stories/scale-key-success-and-sustainability-microinsurance-poor/

UNSGSA Speech to the 8th International Microinsurance Conference

Good afternoon Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am so pleased that technology is permitting me to join you. I had the honor of visiting Tanzania two years ago. Tanzania’s eff… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/unsgsa-speech-8th-international-microinsurance-conference/

Better Than Cash Alliance Launch

It is so important to bring people and enterprises into the formal economy. It will help with accountability and transparency of governments. Queen Máxima, UNSGSA In my work as t… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/better-cash-alliance-launch/

Serving client needs with digital solutions in financial inclusion

SparkOptimus Event “The Digital Age, A Golden Age for Citizens Worldwide?" The opportunity of digital is what more can be achieved through product design, marketing and delivery,… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/serving-client-needs-digital-solutions-financial-inclusion/

United Nations Inter-Agency Meeting on Inclusive Finance

Realize that you can be promoters of financial inclusion yourself without necessarily being financial service providers, when partnering with the right agencies and players in the … https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/united-nations-inter-agency-meeting-inclusive-finance/

Women’s World Banking Global Dinner Celebration

Only at scale will we be able to reach everyone needing services in a way that is affordable to clients and also sustainable to providers. Queen Máxima, UNSGSA Good evening. Thank… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/womens-world-banking-global-dinner-celebration/

Women in Financial Services network meeting

Of course, we must not forget women in our efforts to develop new financial products. They play a crucial role in economic development. Queen Máxima, UNSGSA Thank you. Good aft… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/women-financial-services-network-meeting/

UNSGSA discussed financial inclusion opportunities with Tanzania’s leaders

The UNSGSA met with Central Bank Governor, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, and industry figures, among others. She launched a micro-health insurance initiative, led a mu… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/country-visits/unsgsa-discussed-financial-inclusion-opportunities-tanzanias/