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Financing Smallholder Farmers to Ensure the Global Food Supply

As the world confronts the prospect of food shortages associated with climate change, supporting farmers is more vital than ever. At an event marking the 10th anniversary of IDH (the Sustainable Trade Initiative), the UNSGSA spoke about the need to reach …
Photos Related content Download documents Related images Link to press release ... Speech at the IDH 10-Year Event: The Future of Sustainable Trade Ladies and gentlemen, … https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/financing-smallholder-farmers-ensure-global-food-supply/

Next Steps for Indonesia on Financial Inclusion

Less than two years after her last visit, the Special Advocate and her delegation traveled to Indonesia in February 2018 to see firsthand the country’s progress on financial inclusion and to offer support as it accelerates these efforts. She met with Pres…
Indonesia has reached a critical junction in its efforts to advance financial inclusion. Since the launch of its national financial inclusion strategy in 2016, the network of agen… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/country-visits/next-steps-indonesia-financial-inclusion/

Queen Máxima Returns to Indonesia to Support Further Advances on Financial Inclusion

Queen Maxima will be in Indonesia for the second time in three years, 1213 February 2018, in order to help advance financial inclusion further.
Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development (UNSGSA), will visit Indonesia to explore progress and opportu… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/country-visits/queen-maxima-returns-indonesia-support-further-advances-fina/

Cultivating Solutions for Farmers

Vietnamese farmer Dinh Xuan Toan has been able to expand his produce business thanks to business training and support from a program called Hortidalat.
In a country like Viet Nam, where almost half the workforce is engaged in agriculture, sustainable economic growth will depend on finding solutions that allow farmers to flouris… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/impact-stories/cultivating-solutions-farmers/

Financial Inclusion: An Essential Part of the Response to Climate Change

The Special Advocate addressed a climate adaptation conference on the vital role of financial inclusion in addressing the impact of climate change.
Photos Speech to Adaptation Futures 2016 conference Adaptation to climate change is essential for development. And development is essential for creating new economic opportunities… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/fina/

The New Face of Entrepreneurs

The Special Advocate met an entrepreneurial tomato farmer in China.
The New Face of Entrepreneurs Farmers? Women? Whatever happened to the MBAs? In rural areas around the world, the definition of entrepreneur is being rewritten. Zhou Guozhi is… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/impact-stories/new-face-entrepreneurs/

Opening Remarks at the 2nd United Nations Inter-Agency Meeting on Inclusive Finance

Thank you, Mrs. Clark.  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.  I am really so encouraged to see all these leaders of UN agencies gathered around this table.  It is a powerful te… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/opening-remarks-2nd-united-nations-inter-agency-meeting-incl/

Delivering on Financial Inclusion for Development: Reaching Scale, Rural Areas and Women

Photos CGAP Annual Meeting Good morning.  Welcome to the Netherlands. I tend to excuse myself for the Dutch weather. But you have probably been inside in this meeting for the pas… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/delivering-financial-inclusion-development-reaching-scale-ru/

Partnerships to Achieve Financial Inclusion for Development

Partnerships to Achieve Financial Inclusion for Development Remarks to the UN Secretary-General’s High Level Panel on the Post-2015 Development Agenda Let us not forget that when… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/partnerships-achieve-financial-inclusion-development/

Remarks at High Level Event: A Fresh Look at Financial Inclusion to Advance Food Security and Rural Development

Another concrete opportunity is to embed financial inclusion in the larger outcomes of the post-2015 development agenda. This agenda will shape international and domestic prioriti… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/remarks-high-level-event-fresh-look-financial-inclusion-adva/

Savings accounts make a huge difference for women and families

The first step to financial security is often a simple savings account – which reduces costs and also leads households and businesses into the upward cycle that comes with participation in the formal financial system.
Access to diverse financial services, especially savings, that meet the needs of low-income clients is at the core of financial inclusion, and is one of the focus areas targeted by… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/impact-stories/savings-accounts-make-huge-difference-women-and-families/

Opening Remarks to the FMO Conference on the Future of Banking

Photos Excellency, ladies and gentlemen, good morning. I am pleased to be present again at one of FMO’s conferences. Certainly because this is an organization that has been and i… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/opening-remarks-fmo-conference-future-banking/

UNSGSA Speech to the 8th International Microinsurance Conference

Good afternoon Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen. I am so pleased that technology is permitting me to join you. I had the honor of visiting Tanzania two years ago. Tanzania’s eff… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/unsgsa-speech-8th-international-microinsurance-conference/


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UNSGSA discusses mobile banking, SMEs, and small farmers in Egypt

The UNSGSA promoted ways to accelerate access to savings, payments and other financial services for individuals and small and medium enterprises. She joined the Chairman of the Eg… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/country-visits/unsgsa-discusses-mobile-banking-smes-and-small-farmers-egypt/

Global Conference on Agriculture, Food Security and Climate Change

In my travels, I have found that the countries that have been most successful in advancing financial inclusion are those that have strong leadership and subsequently good coordinat… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/global-conference-agriculture-food-security-and-climate-chan/

UNSGSA discussed financial inclusion opportunities with Tanzania’s leaders

The UNSGSA met with Central Bank Governor, Minister of Finance and Economic Affairs, and industry figures, among others. She launched a micro-health insurance initiative, led a mu… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/country-visits/unsgsa-discussed-financial-inclusion-opportunities-tanzanias/