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Next Steps for Indonesia on Financial Inclusion

Less than two years after her last visit, the Special Advocate and her delegation traveled to Indonesia in February 2018 to see firsthand the country’s progress on financial inclusion and to offer support as it accelerates these efforts. She met with Pres…
Indonesia has reached a critical junction in its efforts to advance financial inclusion. Since the launch of its national financial inclusion strategy in 2016, the network of agen… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/country-visits/next-steps-indonesia-financial-inclusion/

In India, Building on Progress and Providing a Model for Inclusion

To celebrate India's progress toward full financial inclusion and discuss ways to increase usage and close the remaining gender gap, the UNSGSA visited the country in May 2018. She met with leaders from the public, private, and development sectors, includ…
Related content Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet... India has made tremendous strides in expanding access to financial services, thanks in large part to its robust digital infrastru… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/country-visits/india-building-progress-and-providing-model-inclusion/

Regulating Innovation to Promote Financial Inclusion

The Special Advocate and Governor Klaas Knot of De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) hosted a roundtable on fintech and financial Inclusion to discuss new regulatory approaches for financial innovation. They brought together 23 leaders from regulatory authorities,…
Photos Thank you very much Governor Knot for DNB’s hospitality for the second time. General Manager Carstens, ladies and gentlemen, it is my pleasure to welcome you all to Amste… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/regulating-innovation-promote-financial-inclusion/

Seizing Fintech’s Potential for Financial Inclusion

In multiple ways, fintech can bring promising new solutions to the financially excluded, said the Special Advocate to an audience of fintech experts at Cambridge. But challenges are real, including consumer protection—especially for customers with limited…
Photos “Fintech has great potential to spur inclusion. This is particularly true for hard-to-reach populations. It can provide the solutions that customers need and that can theref… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/seizing-fintechs-potential-financial-inclusion/

Blog: On the Fast Track to Digital Financial Inclusion with Indonesia’s Go-Jek

Blog: On the Fast Track to Digital Financial Inclusion with Indonesia’s Go-Jek
Blog: On the Fast Track to Digital Financial Inclusion with Indonesia’s Go-Jek By Nancy Widjaja Anywhere you look in Jakarta these days, you’ll see the bright green helmet an… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/impact-stories/indonesia-blog-hague/

Casting a Wider Net: Digital Loan Helps Nigerian Fish-Seller Expand Her Business

Tucked away in a bustling market in Lagos, Flora Edojah’s small catfish stall seems humble but its quiet owner leads the local fish-selling community. But her ambitions to expand her operation were stymied for the same reason as many small businesses—lack…
Tucked away in the bustling Ijesha Market in Lagos, Flora Edojah’s small catfish stall seems as humble as its quiet owner.  Yet waters run deep with the 53-year-old businesswoma… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/impact-stories/casting-wider-net-digital-loan-helps-nigerian-fish-seller-ex/

Queen Máxima Returns to Indonesia to Support Further Advances on Financial Inclusion

Queen Maxima will be in Indonesia for the second time in three years, 1213 February 2018, in order to help advance financial inclusion further.
Queen Máxima of the Netherlands, the UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development (UNSGSA), will visit Indonesia to explore progress and opportu… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/news/queen-maxima-returns-indonesia-support-further-advances-fina/

In Mexico, Eliminating Obstacles to Full Financial Inclusion

During a visit to Mexico in September 2017, the Special Advocate reviewed progress toward implementing the national financial inclusion strategy, and met with stakeholders to discuss agent banking, small business financing, fintech, and collaboration.
Over the past several years, Mexico has taken steps to modernize its financial system, including improving Internet connectivity, digitizing payments, and working to close the gen… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/country-visits/mexico-eliminating-obstacles-full-financial-inclusion/

2017 UNSGSA Report: The Road Ahead

The UNSGSA 2017 Report closes with a discussion of what lies over the near horizon for financial inclusion, including digital rewards and risks, laying the foundations, and customer-centricity.
This article is the closing section of the UNSGSA 2017 Report. In a time of rising inequality, leading policy makers, development and civil society organizations, and business le… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/news/2017-unsgsa-report-road-ahead/

Inclusive Technology for an Inclusive Future

Special Advocate spoke at Singapore's Fintech Festival, Nov. 16, 2017,
Photos Inclusive Technology for an Inclusive Future Speech at the Singapore Fintech Festival Fintech innovations can make it possible for those who have no bank account of any sort… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/inclusive-technology-inclusive-future/

Next steps in favor of financial inclusion in México: Prioritize agents, small enterprises and the fintech industry

English translation of speech delivered in Spanish at the International Forum on Financial Inclusion, Mexico City, September 2017
Photos Mr. President Enrique Peña Nieto, Secretary Meade, Secretary Nuño, Governor Carstens, other members of the cabinet, senators and deputies, ladies and gentlemen. Last s… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/proximos-pasos-en-favor-de-la-inclusion-financiera-en-mexico/next-steps-favor-financial-inclusion-mexico-prioritize-agent/

Fintech Through the Prism of Financial Inclusion

The Special Advocate convened a group of fintech leaders with national regulators to discuss the future of fintech as it regards financial inclusion.
Photos Opening remarks at Fintech and Financial Inclusion Roundtable I’m very pleased to offer my warm welcome to Amsterdam and the Netherlands! It is a very special occasion f… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/fintech-through-prism-financial-inclusion/

Digital Financial Inclusion, Financial Exclusion, and De-risking: A Conversation with the SSBs

The Special Advocate opened a meeting with the SSBs in Basel to discuss fintech and de-risking.
Photos Digital Financial Inclusion, Financial Exclusion, and De-risking: A Conversation with the SSBs Informal remarks at the Standard-setting Bodies' meeting on financial inclusio… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/digital-financial-inclusion-financial-exclusion-and-de-riski/

Fintech, Financial Inclusion, and the Changing Landscape of Banking

Special Advocate spoke to EU Banking Federation about the unfoldling prospects of fintech and the promise it holds for both financial inclusion and the banking industry at large.
Photos Mr. Oudea, Mr. Sabatini, Mr. Mijs, ladies and gentlemen, I am delighted to be given the opportunity to speak about financial inclusion, a subject that is very dear to me, a… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/fintech-financial-inclusion-and-changing-landscape-banking/

From Start-ups to Scale-ups, Building the Strength of Small Business to Expand Opportunity

speech to SME Envoys
Photos From Start-ups to Scale-ups, Building the Strength of Small Business to Expand Opportunity Speech to SME Envoys Network Meeting Mrs Bieńkowska, your excellencies, ladies … https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/sme-envoys/