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Financial Inclusion: The Global Landscape of Progress

Information graphic from the UNSGSA 2014 annual report
Information graphic: Financial Inclusion: The Global Landscape of Progress (Design: Armando Molina Bou) https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/impact-stories/financial-inclusion-global-landscape-progress/

The Importance of Access to Financial Services

Photos Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.  It is wonderful to be back in beautiful Rio.  I think it is my sixth time here.  I always cherish to come here. I would like to congr… https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/importance-access-financial-services/

Taking stock, Setting goals, Moving forward

Photos In financial regulation there is no one size fits all solution. The most successful approaches are those that are tailored to local contexts and needs. Queen Máxima, UNSGSA … https://www.unsgsa.org/resources/speeches/taking-stock-setting-goals-moving-forward/