The Special Advocate delivered virtual remarks on 25 November 2020. The seminar was held under the title “Urgent call for agri-food systems transformation to achieve healthy diets for all”.

UNSGSA Statement at the Financial Inclusion Forum: Leaving No One Behind

"People need to be able to access and responsibly use a broad range of tools such as savings, credit, insurance, and payments. This is particularly true for hard-to-reach groups like the poor, women, and the rural." - UNSGSA Read more

Financial Inclusion Important for Aging Populations

"The world’s population is aging rapidly. Globally, people over 60 or over represent the fastest growing age group. This group is expected to more than double by 2050. And the ratio of workers to retirees will be halved from today’s 8-to-1, to 4-to-1 by 2050." - UNSGSA Read more

UNSGSA Opening Speech at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2019

"An entrepreneurial culture is the foundation to any thriving economy and society." - UNSGSA Read more

SSBs Can Have Positive Impact on People's Financial Lives

"Research from the BIS, IMF, and CGAP demonstrates how financial inclusion reinforces the core objectives of financial regulators, including stability, integrity, competition, and consumer protection." Read more

Leveraging Financial Technology to Ensure Access to Healthcare

"Roughly 100 million people globally are pushed into extreme poverty every year due to health expenses. When you are poor, you are more likely to have poorer health. In turn, poor health pulls you deeper into poverty. This is a vicious cycle that we need to break." Read more

Digital Identification a Powerful Enabler of Financial Inclusion

"Unique biometric digital identification can be a powerful enabler of financial inclusion." - UNSGSA Read more

Innovative Financial Services for the Next Generation

Video speech at the 3rd Annual Arise Conference. Read more

Why Does Financial Inclusion Matter for Women?

Keynote Speech at the G20 Side Event: Advancing Women’s Economic Empowerment through Financial Inclusion. Read more

Financing Smallholder Farmers to Ensure the Global Food Supply

Speech at the IDH 10-Year Event: The Future of Sustainable Trade Read more

Regulatory Tools to Tackle Fintech’s Challenges and Unleash Its Potential

Video Message to the Singapore Fintech Festival 2018. Read more

Expanding Financial Inclusion through Technology in Latin America and the Caribbean

Video message from UNSGSA Queen Máxima to the 2018 Foromic Conference. Read more

Expandiendo la inclusión financiera en América Latina y el Caribe a través de la tecnología

"Durante los últimos diez años, en mi calidad de asesora de las Naciones Unidas, he tenido el privilegio de ser testigo de cómo la inclusión financiera está cambiando la vida de las personas – desde Perú hasta Brasil, y desde México hasta la Argentina." Read more