UNSGSA - UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development UNSGSA - UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development


As UNSGSA, Queen Máxima shares experiences across countries and connects people and institutions through speeches and published articles in addition to her meetings with national and global leaders. Through her speeches and published work, Queen Máxima has been an active and passionate voice for financial inclusion.

Financial inclusion, integrity and stability


A Better Life for Every Tanzanian: Accelerating Development and Growth through Financial Inclusion
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania At the launch of Tanzania’s National Financial Inclusion Framework, the UNSGSA recognized the importance of governmental leadership the link to the country’s overall economic development goals. She applauded the ambitious aim to include 50% of the population in formal financial services by 2015, and pointed to the rapid progress that has been made, especially in mobile financial services, that make this target a reality. The national framework will involve all stakeholders in its first three-year phase with a focus on tackling fundamental barriers of high costs, far distances, and asymmetries of information - which the UNSGSA said will open new opportunities for service providers. She encouraged the country to redouble its efforts on finding innovative ways to meet the needs of Tanzania’s small holder farmers, responsible for the bulk of the country’s food production and GDP. Full text


A Shared Understanding: Finding the Right Balance between Financial Inclusion and Global Financial Standards
Basel, Switzerland Deepening financial inclusion is critical for individual prosperity and security, and also for the stability, integrity, and transparency of the wider financial system, said the UNSGSA. Much progress has been made by the standard setting bodies (SSBs), but challenges remain in balancing financial integrity and inclusion at the country level and in ensuring that regulations keep up with potentially game-changing innovations. The Special Advocate praised the work of the SSBs and welcomed the contribution of countries, including members of the Alliance for Financial Inclusion, to the ongoing work to achieve this balance.     Full text
Acceptance Speech at the German Media Award
Baden-Baden, Germany Thank you for this honour.  I am sharing this wonderful recognition with many courageous people around the world who are working very hard to create new opportunities for their families, their communities and their countries. And I would also like to share this with a host of national and international organizations who are passionately committed to raising awareness and taking action towards inclusive finance for development. But what is ‘Inclusive finance’?  It is access for and usage by everyone to a wide range of sustainable financial services at a reasonable cost.  That is: giving people the financial tools that will improve their lives, such as a bank account, a savings account, mobile banking, health care insurance and small loans. Full text
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