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As UNSGSA, Queen Máxima shares experiences across countries and connects people and institutions through speeches and published articles in addition to her meetings with national and global leaders. Through her speeches and published work, Queen Máxima has been an active and passionate voice for financial inclusion.

Diverse financial services


Address to Reserve Bank of India
Mumbai, India Addressing the Bank's governor and board, the UNSGSA noted that India has all elements in place to achieve full financial inclusion. Significant potential lies with pilots that are moving government social and welfare payments from cash to electronic means. She emphasized the importance of designing products that address client needs, and noted that government policies can support private-sector providers in this process. Multi-faceted financial education will also be necessary to strengthen client safety and build demand.   Full text
El crecimiento del espíritu empresarial en Perú a través de la inclusión y la educación financiera
Lima, Perú Queen Máxima congratulated the program partners and participants, noting that Peruvian women are renowned for their entrepreneurial spirit and the large role of SMEs in Peru’s economy.  The Queen underscored the importance of financial services for SMEs to grow and thrive. The training programs demonstrate all that can be achieved when women are given opportunity, financial services and the right support.   Queen Máxima commended Peru’s regulatory framework and encouraged extending access to rural areas and low-income populations by reducing costs and developing products that meet the needs of local businesses and entrepreneurs.  Preparing a national strategy for financial inclusion will help consolidate progress and unite government agencies and the private sector around a shared vision for an inclusive financial system for all Peruvians. (Speech presented in Spanish) Full text
Discurso en ocasión de la presentación de la estrategia nacional de Colombia para la inclusión financiera
Bogotá, Colombia Queen Máxima congratulated Colombia on the progress it has made during the past ten years. Today, financial institutions are present in 99% of municipalities and there has been a two-fold increase in loan accounts.   The UNSGSA noted that for all this success, more needs to be done to include all Colombians, especially those in rural and crisis-affected areas, and the poorest.  She highlighted the essential role of financial services to connecting people in these areas to the same development opportunities that the rest of the country enjoys.  The Queen emphasized that a national financial inclusion strategy will enable the Government to respond directly to the people’s needs, business growth and the country’s potential.  It will also engage all stakeholders around a shared vision.  She expressed her appreciation of having joined the first meeting of the national Financial Education Committee.  Financial education, responsible practices and product information are important elements in building a stable, inclusive financial system. (Speech presented in Spanish) Full text
Reaching the Poorest
Paris, France The UNSGSA highlighted the importance of a holistic approach in helping the world’s poorest get out and stay out of poverty.  Integrating best practices in social protection, livelihood promotion and financial inclusion has proven to be transformative.  Queen Máxima identified savings, scale, and stakeholders as the three key areas of financial inclusion for poverty graduation.  She underscored the role of savings as a buffer to life’s shocks and conduit for opportunities to generate greater income.  She encouraged partners to collect more data on how to stimulate savings and its impact on social development.  Queen Máxima underscored that shifting pilots to scale is needed and often requires new business models, better infrastructure and expanded staff.  She encouraged stakeholders from different sectors to work in partnership under national strategies for financial inclusion, to reinforce country level commitments, and to set bold targets on financial inclusion. Full text


A Better Life for Every Tanzanian: Accelerating Development and Growth through Financial Inclusion
Dar es Salaam, Tanzania At the launch of Tanzania’s National Financial Inclusion Framework, the UNSGSA recognized the importance of governmental leadership the link to the country’s overall economic development goals. She applauded the ambitious aim to include 50% of the population in formal financial services by 2015, and pointed to the rapid progress that has been made, especially in mobile financial services, that make this target a reality. The national framework will involve all stakeholders in its first three-year phase with a focus on tackling fundamental barriers of high costs, far distances, and asymmetries of information - which the UNSGSA said will open new opportunities for service providers. She encouraged the country to redouble its efforts on finding innovative ways to meet the needs of Tanzania’s small holder farmers, responsible for the bulk of the country’s food production and GDP. Full text