UNSGSA - UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development UNSGSA - UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development


As UNSGSA, Queen Máxima shares experiences across countries and connects people and institutions through speeches and published articles in addition to her meetings with national and global leaders. Through her speeches and published work, Queen Máxima has been an active and passionate voice for financial inclusion.

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Delivering on Financial Inclusion for Development: Reaching Scale, Rural Areas and Women
Amsterdam, the Netherlands The UNSGSA congratulated CGAP on its new strategy and recognized the important role of the organization in disseminating knowledge and best practices on financial inclusion. She highlighted the significant progress that has been made over the last few years and suggested priorities going forward, including getting to scale, private sector engagement, and a focus on rural areas and women. Queen Máxima reminded participants about the importance of engaging in the Post-2015 development process around the essential role inclusive finance can play in supporting poverty alleviation.  Full text
Financial Services to Help Migrants and Their Families Get the Most From Remittances
Bangkok, Thailand Queen Máxima highlighted the large role that remittances play in the well being of many households.  Despite the recent global economic downturn, the flow of international remittances has remained large and is expected to continue to increase.  But remitting money is expensive.  The UNSGSA challenged participants from government and the private sector to work together to lower the costs of remittances for senders and recipients alike through new products, more competition and mitigation of currency exchange risk, thus putting more money in the hands of receivers.  She encouraged providers to design products tailored to the changing patterns of migration, which include more women.  Another area for priority action is helping receivers use the money in the best possible way.  Full text
Advancing Inclusive Finance and Development through Digital Services and Partnership
New York Digital technology will play an important role in accelerating the drive toward universal access to financial services and therefore help advance economic and other development opportunities for households and SMEs. At the Better Than Cash Alliance event, the UNSGSA encouraged government, industry, and development agency leaders set their ambitions high and deepen partnerships and coordination to ensure electronic payments become a gateway to extend insurance, savings, credit and other financial products. Recognizing the importance of continuing to address supply side issues such as regulation and better data, the UNSGSA pointed out that meeting the needs of poor households and small enterprises through better product design is where we will have the greatest impact in terms of reducing the costs and risks of cash. Full text