UNSGSA - UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development UNSGSA - UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development


As UNSGSA, Queen Máxima shares experiences across countries and connects people and institutions through speeches and published articles in addition to her meetings with national and global leaders. Through her speeches and published work, Queen Máxima has been an active and passionate voice for financial inclusion.

Diverse financial services


4th International Insurance Conference
Amsterdam, the Netherlands At the largest convening of insurance and re-insurance companies globally, Queen Máxima said that unexpected events such as floods or the death of an income earner can cause poor families to suffer long-term financial setbacks.  They often have to sell productive assets, take children out of school, or take out expensive loans.  She challenged the audience to help create an insurance market that is inclusive, sustainable, and protects people against these eventualities.   Full text
Access to Health Insurance Conference
Rotterdam, the Netherlands Queen Máxima helped to convene this diverse global gathering of policymakers, academics, insurance companies, practitioners, and students to examine how access to health could be improved globally.  She reported that 100 million people a year fall into poverty due to health expenses, but that promising new pilot programs and health insurance products for low-income people in developing communities are emerging.  Health insurance only works if it is a part of a well-functioning health care system and infrastructure, including education and access to health services.  The event was organized by the Prince Clause Curatoriun, the International Institute of Social Studies, the Institute of Health Policy and Management of Erasmus University, the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, PharmAccess and the Rotterdam Global Health Initiative in consultation with the UNSGSA.  Queen Máxima spoke in a dual capacity as Chair of the Curatorium of the Prince Clause Chair and UNSGSA   Full text
Serving client needs with digital solutions in financial inclusion
Amsterdam, the Netherlands The UNSGSA highlighted that participation in the formal financial system is an important enabler of well-being and expanding opportunities.  Digital enabled business models are making a big difference by creating a huge potential to reach formerly unreachable populations with more affordable financial services and by fostering greater transparency through real-time transactions and knowledge.  Queen Máxima underscored the importance of continuing to improve the relevancy and adequacy of products in order to expand access even more.  She called for cross-sector coordination and partnerships to further advance financial inclusion and sustainable development.   Full text
Better Than Cash Alliance Launch
New York, USA Queen Máxima highlighted the benefits of electronic payments such as lowering cost of doing business and of handling cash for governments, businesses and individuals; bringing people into the formal economy; and increasing accountability and transparency of governments.  She underscored the importance of political leadership as well as cross-sector coordination including with the private sector.  The UNSGSA emphasized the importance of data, calling for even more data to better determine targets and achieve greater social impact.     Full text
UNSGSA at the 25th Universal Postal Congress
Doha, Qatar In her address to the postal sector, Queen Máxima recalled the importance of postal networks in providing basic financial services such as remittances, money transfers and bill payments. She noted that around 1 billion people in more than 50 countries are banked through postal system. She encouraged the postal sector to seek opportunities to partner with other institutions in order to deliver full banking services by taking advantage of the accessibility and affordability of post offices, if appropriate, to their circumstances.  Full text