UNSGSA -UN Secretary-General’s Special Advocate for Inclusive Finance for Development

Key initiatives

In her work, the Special Advocate stays aware of emerging needs and time-sensitive opportunities to advance financial inclusion by engaging regularly with stakeholders in-country. Some of the approaches her work takes include:

The Sustainable Development agenda: Financial inclusion is an enabler and accelerator of economic and human development by generating income, creating jobs and protecting people and businesses from unforeseen risks. The Sustainable Development Goals, recently adopted by 193 countries at the UN, are strongly marked by a broad recognition of the importance of financial inclusion, not as an end itself but as a powerful enabler of development progress.

National strategies: Leadership by the highest levels of government, manifest in a coordination mechanism and a national strategy, is essential both to achieving financial inclusion and to harnessing its power to accelerate national economic, environmental and social development goals.

Country visits: By visiting countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America where the financial inclusion challenge is greatest and where some of the most exciting innovations are taking place, Queen Máxima helps unlock knowledge and connect people to advance financial inclusion.